February Detox

February Detox

Originally published: Feb 10 2013.

After too much of everything food, drink, chocolate ……… my system was beginning to scream for some attention about the only thing I was doing to support my body was my weekly yoga class. My body clock was all over the place I felt sluggish and lacked energy, my body ached and my liver was feeling sluggish and congested. After a week detoxing in Ireland before Christmas, which I loved I knew I needed to make some radical changes to my diet and life style to assist my body back to balance.

With the guidance of a very knowledgable Naturopathic Doctor I have embarked on yet another journey of self healing. I am 3 weeks into my detox and although I initially had a few reactions to cutting out wheat, dairy (cows), sugar and coffee from my diet for the most part it’s been smooth sailing. I have a few supplements to take to assist my system but for the most part I am relying on organic fruit and veg as my medicine. I spent almost 5 years cutting out diary, sugar and wheat after my youngest daughter was born, living off rice crackers, tuna and jacket potatoes, but this time I am really having to think about the nutritional value of the food that i’m consuming. My aim is to alkalise my system so lots of green veg (GMO free and organic) no dairy from cows milk, no wheat, sugar or coffee and tea. I’m working towards at least half of my daily in take being raw as to retain as many nutrients as I can hence I am commencing my day with a super green smoothie, salad or soup (5mins cooking time) and eating normally for one meal of the day.

Although initially I had some wobbly moments of feeling slightly nauseous and heady all these symptoms seem to have cleared. It’s amazing to think that simply changing your diet can make so much difference to your overall health and well being. Week 3 I feel heaps more energy, very happy with that, my body isn’t aching, my sleep patterns have changed radically waking up early and feeling great! I really can’t recommend this form of cleansing enough and will be continuing to research and tweak my diet over the coming months. Updates to follow!

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