The Body’s Amazing Ability To Heal Itself!

Bumped into a friend in the supermarket Wednesday morning who commented on how I seemed so positive even with a broken arm.   My excitement at demonstrating my ability to do 'dolphin pose'  in the pet food aisle in the Co op made one shopper want to join in our conversion.  Two crazy,  wonderful ladies became three 😃.   I have laughed so much more about life since the fall, it really was a wake up jolt!    After the initial "Oh my life that hurt!"  Followed by "I could have broken my wrists!" I almost  immediately  felt an awareness that my head had been somewhere else and boom I was present in that moment feeling a whole heap of gratitude and joy for just being.  It's funny how life throws you a curved ball sometimes!  😉


Euphoria was soon replaced by pain and oh boy did my arm hurt,  yep I cried!  A lot! But my smile has grown as my body has healed giving me  back a bit more of my mobility and freedom 😍 daily. I have iced, oiled reiki'd and stretched my elbow, forearm and wrist, I've been unwound, had awesome healing from a friend and fellow therapist and it's paying off as my body is responding so incredibly well to all the positive attention it's receiving. 

I'd say I'm 90% better which is awesome after just three weeks and I know the healing continues!  

Keep smiling?