Spiezia 100% Organic Made For Life Relax Rejuvenating Uplifting Facial

Spiezia 100 % Organic Relax & Rejuvenate Uplifting Facial 

A Natural Non Surgical Face Lift

A truly organic facial combining Spiezia 100% Organic skincare range with  Ayurvedic (Indian) and Anma (Japanese) massage techniques, which promote the free flow of blood and nutrients to facial skin.  Targeting the connective tissue which lies beneath the skin this naturally uplifting acupressure facial helps to release tension and smooth out fine lines, leaving the face and neck feeling fresh, invigorated and supple.  

My client Mrs B is a retired 69 year old living in a coastal town in Cornwall.  After a busy life working and raising her family she now enjoys her garden and her daily dog walks along the coastal paths.  As an outdoor person she has exposed her skin to the sun and often harsh Cornish weather which although invigorating isn’t that kind on the skin.  She has a sensitive constitution with numerous allergies especially to pollen which effects her eyes leaving them feeling swollen, red and sore.  As an asthmatic she is prone to chest complaints and has recently stopped smoking.

At the commencement of treatments she didn’t have a specific facial routine in place and would consider her health to be generally good.

My clients skin appears to be normal to dry.  She has swelling under and around the eyes with sagging to eye lids with quite pronounced laughter lines around mouth and age spots on cheeks especially the left. 

Client B’s treatment plan involves weekly treatments for 6 weeks combined with a facial and acupressure routine to be done daily at home.  Aim of treatment to improve tone and condition of skin, reduce swelling especially

around the eyes from allergies and if possible improve signs of aging i.e wrinkles and age spots.

As you will see from the photos the appearance of the skin after the first treatment wasn’t that different but as the weeks have passed the results have been quite amazing.  The skin is looking more toned, less lined her jaw line is more defined the bagging around and under the eyes has reduced and the colour of her skin has changed taking on a more healthy glow.  I love the way my client appears to be so happy in each of the after shots her eyes seem to sparkle and look noticeably less puffy.  My client has commented on how her whole face feels lifted and toned but the most benefit she has gained is in the reduction of the swelling around her eyes and the improvement in her sinuses which drain really well with this facial.  Having  a home care routine in place, which my client is diligently adhering too is helping her to maintain this healthy glow.  Mrs B loves her Spiezia products and seems equally frilled with the results which I believe speak  for themselves.

Vicky Barnes


Week 2 before treatment. 



This is after the treatment!  


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Vicky Barnes 


The Spa @ Court Farm Cottages

Marhamchurch Nr Bude

Cornwall EX23 0EN

01288 353233 or 07804768527

Email:  info@vickybarnes.co.uk 


Spiezia 100% Organic Skincare made in Cornwall  

Spiezia 100% Organic Skincare made in Cornwall  


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2015-04-20 13:33:49


Naturall Holistic Treatments and Therapies 

1. How long has your business been in existence?  What was the inspiration for you to set up?

This will be my 9th year in business at Court Farm Holidays in Marhamchurch near Bude, Cornwall.  I had not long qualified as a reflexologist when the owner offered me a small room from which I could practise.  In truth, my only inspiration or desire at that time was to be  financially independent and sharing something I loved, little did I realise how much I'd enjoy learning and developing new skills!

As the treatments I was able to offer grew, my services became increasingly more popular, to the point where it was felt I needed an upgrade on my very basic space and so my room was created.  So in truth, just like my career move into holistic's, my room found me and if you believe in destiny then most probably I was destined to be here doing what I do and sharing what I share.

 2. What attracted you to the Spiezia – Made for Life brand? How does it fit with your values as a business?

My business was starting to take off and I was doing a lot of massage which was fairly heavy going on my body. I knew I couldn't sustain that level of demand indefinitely so contemplated on what a solution might look like.  That's when I came across an old Spiezia  brochure in the electric cupboard that a previous therapist had left behind. Intrigued, I flicked through the pages but feeling safe with what I knew, I carried on for another season offering massage after massage not realising the Universe was trying to offer me a solution.  With my new room complete and my thoughts focused on developing a gentler way of working, the name Spiezia repeatedly popped into my head it got louder and louder until I recall shouting out "OKAY! I get it! I'll call!". I did and I'm so glad I did!  Within seconds of speaking to Jo I knew I was being taken care of and placed my opening order and agreed to a week of spa training.  I love Spiezia's ethos of using only 100% organic natural products that are kind to us and to the environment.  I love that all the products look and smell so damn good! I love that each treatment is holistically inspired with the emphasis very much focused on balancing and nurturing, whilst gently supporting the recipient through a healing journey. There's a lot to love about this product and the wonderful people that produce it!

3. What are the current trends within your business? How much change have you seen?

Whilst I feel the larger spa facilities are great for days out with the girls or winding down with the hubby, independent therapists like myself that offer bespoke sessions that are very much tailored to the individual needs of a client will always appeal to those that appreciate a more personalised service.  I also feel that humanity is beginning to acknowledge that our bodies are exposed to far too many chemicals and pollutants and that most people truly desire a cleaner healthier lifestyle for themselves and their loved ones - cleaner air, cleaner energy, cleaner food and cleaner cosmetics!  I believe this is the reason there has been such an increase in demand for natural, transparent, safe and nourishing skincare products.  An appealing combination!

4. What is your customers’ favourite Spiezia treatment?

Personally, I feel that all the Spiezia treatments have been so lovingly created that you'd be very happy to receive any one of them! However, a firm favourite at Court Farm a Holidays is Relax into Radiance.

5. How important is it that the customers understand the brands/products and techniques used in the spa?

It is essential!  As knowledge and understanding of how our skin works and absorbs products and most importantly, a further explanation of the ingredients used and the reasoning behind their use enables the recipient to make informed choices.

Sharing is most definitely caring!

6. What are the five key values within your business?







7. How do you set yourself and what you offer apart from others?

The World can seem a crazy place full of demands and pressures that seem to separate us from that state of just 'being'.  A state, in which we can truly live as our authentic selves and at peace with others. With this in mind my focus is not on what's different or sets me apart from others but what unites me and providing a space where others can hopefully envelope themselves in that beautiful gorgeous juicy state.

8. What stands out for you about Spiezia Organics – Made for Life products compared to other brands?

There are a number of skincare companies focusing their energies on producing natural organic and environmentally sound products but for me very few include, not only their ingredients but their containers and packaging as well.

Spiezia really care about their environmental footprint so they get the thumbs up from me.

9. What is your customer profile? How much business is repeat business?

Male, female, 20 to 80 years of age mostly guests at the complex although I do have a loyal local client base as well.  Court Farm is very popular with it's guests, some of whom return several times a year.   Most have young families, so my on site room is very popular for parents wanting to enjoy some pampering without having to leave the complex.  I also have some clients who've had holiday homes in Bude for generations who look me up when they are in the area. Folk often say they'd like to take me home with them.  So should I disappear, it's most likely because I've been kidnapped!

10. What does the future hold for you and the business?

 I really don't have any major plans only to continue loving what I do and sharing what love.  Although, I do love learning and deepening my understanding of the human body and mind so I'm sure my future won't be dull or without movement.

11. What do you enjoy in your spare time? How do you relax?

That's easy #YOGA!  I absolutely love yoga and how practising it makes me feel physically, emotionally and psychologically.  Yoga has become a fundamental part of my life during the last couple of years, to the point where I feel I am ready to develop my own self practise further by studying a foundation course with BWY.   I can't recommend yoga highly enough.  It's a great way to maintain mobility, flexibility but most importantly, for me it helps to calm, relax and restore a feeling of inner peace and personal wellbeing.   Alongside yoga I enjoy being outside so walking, cycling, campervaning, gardening and beach combing.  As long as I'm in nature I'm a very happy bunny!

12. Name your three favourite things in life.

Love, laughter and sharing in all it's forms :-) I love life!

Rose & Vanilla face oil made with a whole lot of love right here in #Cornwall.

Rose & Vanilla face oil made with a whole lot of love right here in #Cornwall.

100% Natural Organic Skincare  made in Cornwall using the finest eco friendly ingredients!

100% Natural Organic Skincare  made in Cornwall using the finest eco friendly ingredients!

Heavenly #facials that are kind to you and your #skin and most importantly the environment. 

Heavenly #facials that are kind to you and your #skin and most importantly the environment. 

Sharing is most definitely caring! 

Sharing is most definitely caring!